Harmony and Healing

I’ve been considering this week the parts of myself that I don’t like. The things I’m ashamed of. Not the things I’ve done, but the things that I am. The ugly parts of my personality that I try to keep hidden from others that cast a shadow on the best parts of myself; the things … Continue reading Harmony and Healing



A key piece of advice I was given very early on was "don't try to win the part; win the room..." and I think that can be translated whether you're an actor or you're going in for a job interview. It does not matter if you're going to nail that audition, or nail that interview, and … Continue reading Shine

The Garden

Bare bones. Barren. Overgrown. Abandoned. In good time... life reveals itself. She waits for the right time to flourish. What is overgrown is only wild. What is abandoned is only pure. Barrenness awaits to be filled. Bare bones await to be clothed. When your life is as the garden - keep trusting, keep nurturing. When … Continue reading The Garden